Created by Amy K Bormet in 2011, the Washington Women in Jazz Festival creates equitable performance opportunities for women while uplifting the image of the jazz community and drawing in dynamic new audiences.

February 27, 2012

Love from JazzVirtuosa

Thanks to Nicole, who blogs about jazz women at "JazzVirtuosa" for her support of WWJF!

"This year, WWJF will feature such amazing musicians as Allison Miller (drums), Leigh Pilzer (saxophone) and Melissa Gardiner (trombone). I hereby declare March 21 as "Take your Daughter/Niece/Granddaughter to a jazz concert" Day in DC!! What better way to introduce your daughter to jazz and expose her to inspirational women making an impact in the genre than taking them to the WWJF! Yes, a brilliant idea. "

Check out the full article here.